The Memory Lane

Becoming a Care Partner. And surviving the journey

Lisa B. Capp February 8, 2018

Many ask about the progression of dementia and Alzheimer's – what are the "stages" of the disease for those diagnosed? Care Partners also experience a journey that plays out in stages w...

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Vitamin B-12 deficiency and seniors

Susan Landeis February 7, 2018

As caregivers, we consider our loved one's health a top priority. We all know how important vitamins are for maintaining wellness. But what happens when we fall short?

Vitamin deficien...

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Communicating with a Loved One that is Suffering from Dementia

Terri Anderson February 7, 2018

Caregivers, you know how it is right? As your loved one's dementia progresses, it becomes increasingly more difficult to communicate with them. It's downright painful. You are probably dealing wi...

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Forgetfullness vs dementia

Karen Miller February 6, 2018

Holy Cow! I'm confused is it normal forgetfulness or dementia? Forgetting things occasionally is a part life; forgetfulness comes with age. So how can aging adults tell if they are experienc...

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Understanding Alzheimer's wandering and solutions

Joy Johnston February 5, 2018

Alzheimer's wandering is frightening and frustrating for caregivers, so it's important to find ways to redirect this potentially life-threatening behavior. My father had several episodes of w...

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Spouse denial of dementia

Ellen Smith February 5, 2018

If there's one thing I wish I could tell every single soul on Earth that are struggling right now, it would be this: it's okay to grieve.

It's okay to grieve even when it's messy. ...

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5 Family caregivers share the 5 gifts of respite

Michelle Seitzer February 2, 2018

Imagine if you never went to sleep for two weeks straight. No naps during the day, just two weeks of being wide awake 24–7. Now, imagine you followed this pattern for two months, and eventu...

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How to be your best caregiver: developing your rituals

Priya Soni February 1, 2018

Several years ago, I was bewildered by an experience I had with someone close in my life. How could this person not give me what I needed? What I realized was that they could not give what they h...

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3 Tips for Dementia and Family Relationships

Carmen Buck February 1, 2018

The memory loss and behavior changes associated with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias impact the entire family both near and far. We wonder how we are to maintain the family connection w...

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Caring for parents with dementia with a non-supportive sibling

Vicki Tapia January 31, 2018

Within months of each other, Mom received a diagnosis of moderate Alzheimer's disease and Dad, Parkinson's–related dementia. With my continuing encouragement, they soon moved from their hom...

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When your parent with dementia becomes hostile. Causes and tips.

Elaine Pereira January 31, 2018

Growing up we are raised to be respectful to our parents. Don't talk back. Don't interrupt. Except for the ugly teenage years when our parents can't do anything right, we probably adhere to the b...

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Healing, going forward from grief

Jean Lee January 18, 2018

Although my time as an Alzheimer's caregiver is over, the disease still colors each of my days.

I worked full time as an elementary school teacher when I became the primary caregiver a...

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The beauty of aging

Karen Malena January 10, 2018

There was a basket my mother kept near her kitchen table, spilling over with love letters and cards that Dad sent her through the years. We had lost my father the year before, and these writings ...

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Dealing with dementia/Alzheimer's? Expect the Expected

Christina Britton Conroy January 10, 2018

Years ago, I was the director of a small senior citizen's center in Greenwich Village, NYC. Catered bins of lunch food arrived around 11:00, and we served 60–80 lunches at 12:00 sharp. Af...

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Take Care (of Yourself)

Andrea Weber January 9, 2018

Women are born with a natural instinct to be a caregiver and take care of EVERYONE all the time. And, they don't have to even be related. If someone needs help in a store – we swoop in. A p...

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Caregiver: an inspiration

Carole Brecht January 8, 2018

Dear Caregiver, you are an inspiration! Always putting one foot in front of the other, doing your best, truly a superhero in today's world of caring for our loved ones.

There may be ma...

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Have you fed your brain today?

Karen Miller January 5, 2018

Our brain needs exercise and stimulation to maintain our cognitive abilities and keep our skills in tact. If we don't have a healthy brain we won't have a healthy body.

People from all...

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What is the difference between a Living Will and a DNR?

Tena Scallan January 5, 2018

Understanding medical directives

A Living Will and a DNR are both medical advance directives. They basically allow you to state your wishes for the future. Also, it allows you to have ...

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Alzheimers home care versus facility care - Weighing your options

Joy Johnston January 5, 2018

Choosing between home care or a facility for your loved one with Alzheimer's is one of the most difficult choices a family must make. My father, who had Alzheimer's, was cared for at home before ...

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Handling the challenges of a nursing home resident with Alzheimer's

Lisa Marie Chirico January 4, 2018

Most caregivers want to believe they will always be able to care for their loved ones in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Yet, for the majority of them, the progression of Alzheimer's dise...

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