The Memory Lane

A review of "Much too young: A documentary"

Andrea Wurster November 3, 2017

A recently released documentary "Much Too Young" tells the stories of four families in which a parent has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. The documentary follows the young familial care...

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There's an app for that! 5 Best apps for dementia caregivers

Andrea Wurster November 1, 2017

People often say, "there's an app for that!" It is true. There is an app for everything! Developers are constantly creating apps and games to assist with caregiving, dementia and memory loss. Eve...

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The beginning of the end

Caron Leid November 1, 2017

It is surreal to think about the fact that my journey with Alzheimer's disease started 17 years ago. 17 years, rolls of my tongue like nothing. So, when people ask about my journey especially tho...

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The Power Within The Present Moment

Lisa Marie Chirico October 26, 2017

This thing called 'the present moment' is in the news a lot these days. For a caregiver, just the thought of living in the now can bring about a full range of negative emotions. Caregivers have a seem...

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Meaningful Conversations with a loved one with Alzheimer's

Leslie Cottrell Simonds October 25, 2017

Imagine trying to start a conversation with a family member struggling with Alzheimer's. You feel uncomfortable, unsure of what to talk about or even how to start a conversation, but here you are on y...

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The future memories in Cassandra moments

Ellen Smith October 9, 2017

Five years ago I had the first glimmer of a story idea. It was based on the Greek myth of Cassandra, who was cursed with visions of the future. Even though Cassandra warned the people around her ab...

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5 Signs you might be a Caregiver!

Carole Brecht September 15, 2017

It was at the end of my caregiving journey with my mother that I learned the word caregiver. At the time, I was the daughter stepping up when my mom needed me most. I didn't hesitate to be there fo...

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Love is an action word

Carole Brecht September 15, 2017

I've been thinking about the word love and how much it fuels us to keep on keeping on. Love may be the compelling force that allows us to do all that needs to be done on any given day if we are a p...

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The Denial-Acceptance Curve

Carole Brecht September 13, 2017

When your loved one is diagnosed with an illness or disease that is life threatening or debilitating, everyone in the inner circle digests the information at their own pace. The fact is, denial ma...

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