According to scientists, memory loss can begin as early as age 45.

Bringing Smiles


As the patient is presented with a memory from their past, they can experience very powerful emotions. Reliving these memories their wedding, the first time holding their child or grandchild, their once-in-a-lifetime European vacation will not only bring a smile to their face, but often trigger deep, profound happiness.

Bringing smiles
bridging miles

Bridging Miles


BlipIQ helps bridge the physical distance between patients and their circle of family and friends. No matter where a loved one lives, they can easily share memories and engage with the patient in real time. And when a patient engages with a memory involving someone in the group, they'll receive a push notification letting them know, so they can keep the conversation going.

A personalized path of memories


As a patient interacts with memories, their emotional responses to each memory are recorded and analyzed by BlipIQ's powerful AI engine. BlipIQ then learns from this data to create a personalized experience for the patient, presenting memories in a sequence designed to stimulate happiness while reporting to the caregiver about the patient's state and progress.

personalized path of memories

Designed to be exceptionally easy to use


Using BlipIQ could not be more simple. It was designed to be highly intuitive, so even those patients who have limited to no experience with computers or mobile devices will find it easy to use.

But just as importantly, elderly users will want to use BlipIQ, despite any initial learning curve, because of the emotional reward each new memory brings.

No prescription or medical history required


Anyone can use BlipIQ. While a doctor may recommend it for a patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other forms of memory loss, no prescription or medical history is required to enjoy the benefits of BlipIQ.

Bringing memories and family together

Adding clarity to memories long faded